Infinity CEO Emphasises Importance of an Organisations Role in Creating a Child Safe Environment.

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Shelley Wall, CEO, Infinity Community Solutions and Toni Wagner, Senior Prevention Worker, NAPCAN.

Establishing and maintaining a child safe culture was the focus of the Child Safe Organisations – Playing Your Part in Creating Child Safe Organisations workshop, recently attended by Infinity CEO, Shelley Wall.

The workshop, delivered in partnership with the Queensland Family and Child Commission, brings together key organisations who deal with children to review policies and procedures as well as best practices.

“Everyone has a part to play in creating child safe organisations,” Shelley Wall said

“In light of the Royal Commission we know that it is critical to embed a child safe culture into every single organisation that has anything to do with children or young people, either directly or indirectly, “ Ms Wall said.

“This means that every member of an organisation needs to understand their role in keeping children safe and preventing child abuse and neglect, “she said.

The 3.5 hour interactive workshop delivered invaluable information including a background on child safe organisation development, how to establish and maintain a child safe culture and the key elements of a child safe organisation, all of vital importance to Infinity.

Child inclusive practice, how to create a child safe and friendly environment and an introduction to the ‘more than safe’ sector commitment statement were also discussed.

Additionally, the workshop highlighted some effective templates to help organisations to develop child safe policies and procedures relating to complaints processes, code of conduct, child safety policies, recruitment and organisational audit.

The workshop, which is currently being held in all areas of Queensland, was extremely beneficial and the information gained at the workshop will only help to further strengthen the child safe culture for all organisations who attended, including Infinity Community Solutions.