18 % of People in Our Community Experience Some Level of Disability

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In 2018 Infinity Community Solutions (ICS) expanded service delivery to include the National Disability Insurance Scheme giving you the opportunity to optimise your plan with an organisation that puts your needs first.

Shelley Wall, ICS Chief Executive Officer highlights the level of professionalism dedicated staff bring to the growth and development of the organisation and the efforts taken to ensure individuals achieve outcomes for life in the 2018-2019 Annual report. Ms Wall recognises the staff at the frontline of the service delivery including contractors. “Without the strong commitment from everyone who works with us we would not be able to achieve the accreditations we have across our services” says Mrs Wall.

NDIS providers are expected to undergo rigorous quality assurances and regular audits to maintain registration. ICS has maintained registration since 2017 and managed to grow Support Coordination capacity over the last few years, now having greater than 100 participants working with our staff to help meet individual needs.

ICS provides a truly independent Support Coordination service for participant. If your plan has Support Coordination funding, our Support Coordinators will support you to understand and implement your plan. We want you to have the best support and our staff will work with you to coordinate providers so you can live the life you want, the way you want. You can live with self-determination when you choose to work with one of our Support Coordinators.

For more information on Support Coordination visit our website