Infinity Community Solutions Gain Position on Placement and Support Packages in South Australia

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Infinity Community Solutions Gain Position on Placement and Support Packages in South Australia

Infinity Community Solutions has been successful in gaining a position on the Placement and Support Package (PaSP) tendered through the Department for Child Protection in South Australia.   The procedure for gaining the position involved a pre-tender briefing followed by a rigorous tendering process which began in 2019 for approval in 2020.

PaSP involves the provision of short-term residential care for vulnerable children and young people.  Infinity Community Solutions have proven to be leading the way for therapeutic residential care in Queensland and being able to offer their model of care in other states seemed like a natural progression.   Now that approval has been received Infinity Community Solutions will be aiming to be operational in South Australia very soon and will continue to move from strength to strength.

Whilst there will be a primary focus on PaSP, Infinity Community Solutions will also be looking to broaden their service delivery to areas that complement what they do in Queensland and continue to support vulnerable children and families in diverse ways.   The executive team are working on the possibility of implementing additional residential service models for young people in state care sometime in the future.   The vision is still in gestation however the potential for Infinity Community Solutions to be the provider of choice in other states has now begun allowing them to provide outcomes for life for children and families across the nation.

All of this is only possible thanks to the staff who are at the coalface of service delivery.   Infinity Community Solutions is proud to announce Mark Schofield as the South Australian General Manager.  Mark comes to Infinity Community Solutions with vast experience and valuable qualifications in social work, youth and family intervention, leadership and management.

One of the first task that Mark has been involved with has been securing office space where Infinity Community Services will be based in South Australia.   The registered business address and staff offices for Infinity Community Services in South Australia will be Brooklyn Park located on Kaurna land and is close to the Adelaide Business District.

Mark has also been busy visiting other Infinity Community Solutions Therapeutic Residential sites, meeting other valued staff throughout the Infinity team and preparing for operations to commence in South Australia.  His role will call for creative thinking and out of the box solutions which is one of the core approaches for Infinity Community Solutions.  As a personalised and boutique service, Infinity Community Solutions invests its resources directly into the shaping and delivery of services which genuinely respond to client needs – both current and emerging.  Mark has a big job ahead but he is up for the task.  You can read more about what he brings to Infinity Community Solutions and what will be driving him to provide Infinity’s high standard of service in South Australia.