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Meet Mark Schofield
Meet Mark Schofield, Infinity Community Solutions South Australian General Manager

Infinity Community Solutions now has representation in South Australia.   Earlier this year, Infinity Community Solutions had confirmation of gaining a position on the Placement and Support Package (PaSP) 2020 panel.   At the helm of this project is the newly appointed General Manager Mark Schofield.

Mark comes to Infinity Community Solutions with vast experience and valuable knowledge in the area of youth and family intervention.   As a qualified social worker Mark will be calling on his years of working in Child Protection for the South Australian  State Government as he takes up this exciting role for Infinity Community Solutions.

Working in Child Protection in both the frontline and in leadership roles, most recently in Placement Services, Mark has a passion for innovative thinking in therapeutic residential care.  “With my years of experience in meeting the placement needs for young people in care I have developed an understanding how we can make creative improvements to not only provide an outstanding service for the young people in our care but also for their families” says Mark.

Mark’s passion for change and proven ability for implementing improvements in practice will bring benefits to the already high performing service seen in the Queensland into the sector of Therapeutic Residential Care within his home state of South Australia.  With Mark heading the team, Infinity Community Solutions will become a leading provider of services to support vulnerable children and their families.

In preparation for his role, Mark visited some residential sites in Queensland.  “I was impressed with the great coordination of direct care staff, availability of coordinators, integration of provisional psychologists and structure to placements” said Mark “I am really looking forward to implementing this model in South Australia while at the same time bringing in my own experiences of service delivery relevant for the local community”.

An inspiration for Mark has been seeing how Infinity Community Solutions partner with local community-controlled organisations and bring their skills, experience and cultural knowledge into the service models.  Mark believes consultation and partnership is a key factor for providing a wholistic service and is looking forward to connecting with other South Australian organisations.  Collaboration and forming positive partnerships within the sector and community ensures the needs of children and families is truly well meet.  Mark will blaze a trail for Infinity Community Solutions in building solid relationships with key organisations in South Australia.

It is a massive undertaking but with his experience and tenacity Mark is well prepared.  As he begins to surround himself with the right team in this transition period of setting firm foundations, lets welcome him to the Infinity family.