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Why Infinity Community Solutions is the agency of choice…

Infinity Community Solutions has a strong focus on professional development.  We encourage life-long learning, education and professional development of our staff based on current research and evidence-based systems.

Trust-based Relational Intervention (TBRI) is a holistic evidence-based model that meets the needs of vulnerable children.  TBRI equips caregivers’ micro skills of how to support children who have experienced trauma from within the home environment.   The model is based on years of attachment, neuroscience and sensory processing research, packaged up into an easy to digest, actionable framework. This is a relatively new framework, gaining increasing popularity across the world with child protection, foster and adoption agencies, residentials, youth justice detention centres adopting it as part of their framework.  Infinity Community Solutions is the first agency in Queensland to embed TBRI into their own framework for practice.

The core Principles of TBRI are:

  • Connecting – to meet attachment needs
  • Empowering – to address physical needs and
  • Correcting – to disarm fear based behaviours

These core principles are based on years of research offering practical tools for anyone working with children.  At the heart of the principles is the core need to connect with the ‘whole child’ and support the child to reach their highest potential.  The training enables care-givers, parents and teachers and support workers to utilise trust-based relationship building techniques.

Participants in the training learnt the importance and power of play, the power of looking beyond the behaviours and the power of building a nurturing and trusting relationship with children who have come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect and trauma.   Resources for engaging and connecting were shared by Kerri Chard an Authorised TBRI Practitioner with Infinity Community Solutions staff during a weekend of training in early 2020.  Staff embraced the concepts and strategies of complex developmental trauma, mindfulness, bodies and brains of children from ‘hard places’.

Children from ‘hard places’ have experiences that affect their ability to develop trusting relationships with adults and will often express themselves with complex behaviours.  In the TBRI training workshops, participants are provided with scenarios to role play and through experiential learning are invested in the experience of the core principles.  This results in a highly intensive training session that gives the caregiver an opportunity to see how healing can take place within children from ‘hard places’ through nurturing, connecting and empowering and results in changing fear-based behaviours to build trust through confidence.

This training has been highly beneficial for staff personally and professionally.  In keeping with their Guiding Principle on life long learning Infinity Community Solutions have been able to contribute to the competence of their workforce while making valuable contribution to the children in their care.

Here is what staff had to say about the professional development training:

“TBRI is an excellent balance of what we can do to assist children and young people, as well as how can we understand their situation.  The model is really applicable to all parenting and therapeutic intervention.”

Annaley Clarke (Executive Director of Services)


“I have used TBRI concepts to work with many families since the training.  I loved the focus on play, in that it disarms fear, builds connection, teaches social skills and life competencies.  Adding 15 minutes of child led play for every family makes a difference. “

Claudia Depaz (Family Support Practitioner)


Infinity Community Solutions specialises in delivering high-quality solutions which are leading edge, uncomplicated, personalised, and entirely focused on the client.  Our staff are committed to supporting individuals to make their own choice with self-determination.