Navigating New Job Role and the Impact of Covid-19 in One Year

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Navigating New Job Role and the Impact of Covid-19 in One Year

General Manager reflects on her first 12 months working for Infinity Community Solutions

It goes without saying that the last couple of years has been challenging.  And if you are a new employee starting out in an organisation, the challenge of finding your way around a new role may have been compounded with the difficulties of the times.  Fortunately, Hannah has not only met the challenges of her new role at Infinity Community Solutions as the Queensland Therapeutic Residential Care General Manager, she has embraced it and demonstrated an ability to thrive under pressure.


Hannah’s many years of experience, domestically and internationally have given her the skills to navigate her role and whatever the impact of Covid-19 has had on the team at Infinity Community Solutions and the Young People they work with.   Hannah was recently asked to reflect on her first 12 months working at Infinity Community Solutions.


Tell us about yourself and your professional experience?

I am originally from Brisbane but have worked in many places throughout the world, specifically in education and corporate recruitment. I love travelling and learning about different places and cultures, and I find the world and the people in it incredibly fascinating.  I returned to Brisbane just over a decade ago and took a position coordinating an education program for young people under child protection orders.  Since then, I have completed further study in Social Work, Healthcare, and Leadership, and have taken up positions in the social work and management space.  These experiences have given me a strong understanding of the issues that the vulnerable and disadvantage face, as well as highlighted the need for us to think and act creatively about how we can achieve positive change for those we support.


Why have you chosen to work at Infinity?

I work at Infinity because I find residential care both rewarding and challenging.  Every day is different, the work environment is stimulating, and the people who work in this space are passionate about achieving positive outcomes for the children, young people and families we work with.


When reflecting on the last 12 months, what are you most proud of in relation to the work you have done?

When reflecting on the last 12 months, there are many things I am proud of.  Leading a team through very turbulent, uncertain times due to the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly something that I am proud of, particularly since this has simultaneously occurred while learning my new role.  Equally, I am proud that as residential care is growing, my team and I have worked together to identify areas to improve and have implemented processes to ensure we can deliver our work effectively.  I am also proud to be working alongside the Executive Team to grow Infinity Community Solutions from a small organisation to a mid-sized organisation that enjoys a strong reputation in Queensland.


Infinity Community Solutions specialises in delivering high-quality solutions which are leading edge, uncomplicated, personalised, and entirely client-focused. Our staff are committed to supporting individuals to make their own choice with self-determination.