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Family grows while providing connection for child

KICS Kinship and Foster Care Service (KFC) is a partnership between Kummara Limited and Infinity Community Solutions LTD.  KICS KFC receives funding for children and young people (0 to 18 years) who require a statutory out of home care placement with primary/short break Kinship and Foster Carers.

Recently we interviewed a Kinship Carer on her experiences working with KICS KFC.  Here is what she said:

How long have you been working with KICS KFC?

My family and I have been working with KICS KFC for 10 months.  A child was unable to be placed with siblings and was placed in our care at that time.  We have been able to provide a home where the relationships between all siblings can be maintained easily, even during the difficult times Covid-19 presented.

What do you value the most about KICS KFC?

The support offered by KICS KFC has been a reassurance.  Reassurance that we are not alone in this and that we can go to someone other then the Department and bounce questions off.   They have been able to provide us with encouragement when we feel a little lost and need to be assured we are on the right track.

What have been the highlights of being a Kinship Carer?

Being able to watch the child grow and develop has been an absolute delight.  Our own children are older and being able to witness the interactions between all of them has been a great highlight.  One we didn’t expect.

If you could speak to another person considering being kin carer, what advice would you have: 

I would 100% encourage anyone who is considering becoming a Kinship or Foster Carer to just do it.  There is a need out there in community and while there is some sacrifice and hard work required, it truly pales into comparison to the joy and satisfaction of watching a child thrive and grow.

Can you tell those reading this what sort of support KICS KFC might be able to offer to Kinship Carers?

KICS KFC has been a safe space for us to ask questions.  Being new to Kinship care we feel thankful to have the support they can offer in this way.

They have also kept us updated and informed of updates to the care plan while we all navigate the child still being on an interim plan.

Have you got any last bit of information you want to share?

This experience has been wonderful for our whole family.  It has planted the seeds for becoming Kinship and Foster Carers into the minds of our own children who are nearly adults themselves.  It has had such a positive impact.  I would say do not wait for your own kids to leave home before you become a Kinship or Foster Carer.  Do it now and watch everyone in your home grow from the experience.

Kinship carers are need in South East Queensland.  If you are considering becoming a Kinship Carer email  for more information.