Connection and Partnership Through Shared Passion to Achieve Outcomes for Life

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Organisational partnership is an approach based on mutually beneficial objectives for all stakeholders to ensure improved outcomes for clients .  Infinity Community Solutions Ltd (ICS) is an organisation that has embraced partnership.  Founding directors Shelley Wall and Annaley Clarke established ICS in 2017 with a commitment to make a difference in the lives of the individuals they work with, their families and the community as a whole.   This commitment has led to partnerships at a State, National and International level that continue to improve the outcomes for life for so many.

Recently Shelley Wall, ICS Chief Executive Officer, was invited to speak at a gathering of business leaders on the motivation behind starting ICS.  Over 56 business leaders from not-for-profit and charity organisations along with small business owners came together at the annual event hosted by Venturer Technology in August for an afternoon of comradery and to learn how to better support each other in their missions.

Shelley spoke of the unique opportunity presented to ICS in becoming a boutique secular social purpose organisation delivering high-quality solutions which are leading edge, uncomplicated, personalised, and entirely focused on the client.  She was able to highlight the model of care that guides ICS as well as talk about the challenges around finding staff and property.

One of the key outcomes for ICS from the event was being able to make several connections which will hopefully form new partnerships for the future.  Through strong partnership organisations like those that attended the Connecting Charities lunch, businesses can grow with shared passions and common goals that are mutually beneficial for all stakeholders.

ICS would like to acknowledge the genuine commitment that Venturer Technology has to support Not-for-Profit organisations and thank them for the invitation to speak at this year’s annual event.  The partnership ICS has with Venturer Technology in the provision of information and communications technology expert knowledge and support, allows us to focus on remaining responsive and connected to our community.