Chris is Sharing His Superpower with the Kinship and Foster Community at Conference

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Chris Smith is a young man who loves to perform on stage which helps him step out of his comfort zone every time he performs. For someone who has a diagnosis of autism, acting can at times present challenges. So, performing and speaking in public is no easy accomplishment. Not only is Chris a confident and eloquently spoken young man, but he is also a friend of Infinity Community Solutions who will be presenting at the 2023 Queensland Foster and Kinship Care Conference in Cairns. His topic is called “Autism is my Superpower”. And in a recent interview about the upcoming conference and his presentation, we got to experience his superpower in action.

While Chris admits to a mixture of both nerves and excitement with the prospect of speaking in front of a group of strangers, he is pragmatic in his approach knowing that years already spent at past QFKC conferences will have positive benefits in his preparation. Chris is used to knowing what to expect at QFKC conferences, having grown up attending previous events from a young age. And as Chris said during his interview, he has his secret weapon of listening to upbeat music directly prior to giving his presentation. The music allows him to focus and relax before getting up in front of an audience.

On his presentation topic, Chris speaks with passion and exuberance. The topic “Autism is my Superpower” is his personal story. A story that he is keen to share with others in the hope that others will be inspired to also consider autism as their superpower, help those without autism understand it better, and encourage everyone to embrace all that they are and all they can be.
His message is clear and will be presented in a fun, informative, and upbeat way. In his words, his presentation will be welcoming, inspirational, and supportive. We are looking forward to listening to Chris’ presentation and hope you will be joining us in Cairns.

Chris’ presentation will be held at the QFKC Conference in Cairns on the 29th of April 2023 at 1.30 pm. You can register for the conference online.