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Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. is continuously developing professional competence for our workforce. We regularly participate in and contribute to learning, education, and training for staff. Throughout May and June, we have invited Dan and Trish Munn from Eyes Open Social Media to facilitate workshops on social media safety.

Eyes Open Social Media is a trusted training provider for the Office of e-Safety. They will be running 1.5-hour training sessions across our sites providing education on the following topics:

1. How devices are tracked and cracked and the importance of account security
2. Digital footprints and how content can impact future opportunities. We will cover how to reduce risks and promote a positive digital presence.
3. Inappropriate material and laws and ramifications for children under the age of 18 regarding creation, possession, procurement, and distribution of child exploitation material. We also cover peer-to-peer non-consensual sharing of child exploitation material.
4. Predators, how they work, and how they search, fish, and then target victims. How parent accounts and the information they post can put themselves and their children at risk. How predators groom children through exposure to inappropriate material. How to open up conversation channels with children and what to do if they are accidentally or deliberately exposed to inappropriate material in particular pornography.
5. Identity theft and how giving away personal information can increase the risks of accounts being hacked. We also talk about how stolen identities can be used to talk to children and the importance of checking and verifying friend requests and connecting with people that children know in real life.
6. Cyberbullying and the current laws and ramifications. In particular, we focus on unwanted repeated contact, stalking, and harassing someone online and then what to do to collect evidence, de-escalate, manage, and report issues.
7. Digital overuse and addiction, how to recognise it, strategies that technology uses to keep us engaged, simple diagnostic tools to determine the level of digital use, and plans and strategies to manage problematic internet use.

Safety is important when using social media platforms, not only for our staff but for the families and children they work with. Social Media has become an important part of all our lives for communication and connection. However, remaining mindful and staying safe must be a consideration for everyone. The workshop offered by Eyes Open Social Media is set to bring new awareness to social media usage for all of us at Infinity Community Solutions Ltd.

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