Accessibility and Inclusion Makes School Holidays Fun

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Attending school holiday camps is a rite of passage for many children, however, when you have a disability, the right to inclusion is often challenged. Yet it shouldn’t be. Reasonable adjustments can be made for children with disability to attend camps and school excursions.

With careful planning and consideration for individual support needs, school camps can be a fun, interactive place for children with disability to mix with peers, grow socially, and confidently, and learn independence away from routine living. School camps can provide all children with a sense of accomplishment through the development of new skills in a supportive environment.

At Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. (ICS) our NDIS Support Coordinators have been working with young participants and their families to help them access inclusive school camp options. We understand the importance of ensuring all children experience the benefits of attending camp. And so, we have been working with Connect Coordination QLD to arrange for young participants to join in with inclusive and fully supported school holiday programs around Southeast Queensland. The feedback from participants and their families has been exceptionally positive.

Parents and carers have noted how children have grown as they build social skills and develop leadership skills. One carer said “The ability for my child to access the community in this way has helped them build capacity that just didn’t seem possible before they attended the Connect Coordination QLD Camps. We are so delighted to see our child grow in this way”.

Melina Moriarty, director of Connect Coordination QLD commented that working with Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. to provide participants with inclusive activities such as school camp has been rewarding for everyone involved. Melina goes on to say “Many close friendships have been forged at school holiday camps and children enjoy catching up with each other on subsequent adventures. We find it easy working with Infinity Community Solutions Support Coordinators and look forward to seeing their participants at future school holiday camps”.

If you have a child with a disability who could benefit from support to build capacity or connect with providers, please speak to one of our NDIS Support Coordinators to discuss how we can help you and your child.

Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. is a boutique, secular social purpose organisation, motivated to make a difference in the lives of individuals. We strive to provide professional, evidence-based services, specifically designed to enable individuals to reach their full potential and live rich and fulfilled lives. We understand how important it is for participants and their families to find the right service providers. Through Support Co-ordination, we can assist you to find the right services and supports to meet your individual needs and assist you in achieving your goals.