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Positive change is not just a goal for people living with disability; it’s a tangible reality within the Infinity Community Solutions Ltd (ICS) NDIS Support Coordinator Team.   The key ingredients for the recent successes the team have celebrated has been tenacity, persistence, and consistent communication with and for the participants they support.   While it is easier sometimes to focus on the challenges participants encounter in accessing services, aids and supports, the ICS NDIS Support Coordinator team have been able to acknowledge overcoming some of the seemingly complex and drawn-out barriers to reach positive outcomes.

Recently the ICS NDIS Support Coordinators met to discuss their success stories and reflect on what they each learned in ensuring the participants can access what they need.  This process confirmed the need for continued efficiency, understanding and unwavering support, along with an attitude of not giving up easily and continuing to provide a responsive service even in the face of challenges.

While the success stories did not unfold overnight, they all demonstrate achievements for the participants.  The positive outcomes recently celebrated include:

  • One family experiencing approval for house modifications which will provide accessibility, safety and greater independence for the participant.
  • The recent introduction of a House Cleaner is having profound benefits for a participant. The enhance quality of life and improved health and wellbeing has already proved invaluable.
  • Finding the right Support Worker has been life changing for a participant with challenging behaviours. The effort to keep searching has paid off and the participant feels safe and stable in the company of the Support Worker.
  • The provision of accessible technology aids for one participant has seen their confidence already grow and allows them to be more active in life.
  • And finally, the acquisition of a wheelchair means a participant will have increased mobility and freedom.

Despite the challenges, the ICS NDIS Support Coordinator team has been able to make some real difference in the lives of the participants they support.  It is through their persistence and tenacity to overcome the challenges and remain focussed on the needs and goals of the participant that has made a difference and bought about outcomes for life to people with disability through the NDIS.


Infinity Community Solutions Ltd is motivated to make a difference in the lives of individuals through early intervention, out of home care, and participating in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).