Boost Award

Do you know a Queensland child in care who is excelling academically, in sporting areas or in extracurricular activities?

This award will provide a certificate of recognition and will purchase an item to assist or support the ongoing efforts of the child or young person in an area of excellence including, but not limited to, academic, sporting and extracurricular achievements. This item purchased is a one off and must be something the Department’s Child Related Costs process could not support.

Infinity Community Solutions recognises the limitations of government funding when it comes to supporting the exceptional efforts of individual children and young people in care. We believe it’s important that children and young people are supported to be their best self and acknowledged for their achievements. Sometimes this means having more than what is needed, but we believe this award is about having a bit of an extra boost. Therefore, this award is about providing the ‘bit extra’ for children and young people.

If you know, care for or work with a child or young person who is excelling in an area of their life, and a little bit extra would make a difference. Here are some examples:

  • A child is selected to represent their district or state in a sporting area, this award could purchase new equipment or sports specific resources.
  • A young person has worked hard and achieved a high level of position in Air Cadets and has been invited to a national development course run as a camp for Cadets.  This award could meet the costs of the course.
  • A young person has excelled academically whereby students are invited to compete in a state competition.  The award could meet the cost of attendance at the state competition.


Awards tend to range from $150 to $250 in value.  Nominations can be for a higher value but should include a rationale for the Committee to consider.

Applications are now open. To nominate your little achiever, download the form below and submit it through this email address:


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