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Discover the people on our executive team, and see first hand how their leadership shapes our company culture and drives our mission forward.


Shelley Wall CEO pictured in Blue suit with green backgroundShelley Wall is our Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. With visionary leadership she steers and empowers our Board and Executive in their functions. A highly credentialed and proficient member of the non-government sector, Shelley is a strategic thinker, crafting and implementing plans that seamlessly align with organisational strategy.

With a track record of achieving objectives, Shelley has consistently elevated client-focused service delivery and practice standards. Shelley’s qualifications include a master’s in social work, and she is also an AICD Director graduate. Shelley brings a genuine commitment to governance and best practices.

Across the community services sector, Shelley has navigated major organisational changes, expanding services throughout Queensland and South Australia. As a board member of Peak Care Queensland, along with being a founding member, Director, and Chair of the National Therapeutic Residential Care Alliance, Shelley is at the forefront of thought leadership and strategic system reform to deliver outcomes for the most vulnerable in our community.

Shelley has left a lasting mark throughout government and community organisations, as well as contributing to publications, journals, and co-authoring book chapters. Renowned as a keynote speaker at numerous conferences on topics ranging from therapeutic residential care, developmental trauma, and child and family welfare, Shelley is not just a leader; she is a driving force behind positive change.


Annaley Clarke is our Chief Operating Officer and a co-founder of Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. She guides service delivery, oversees operational responsibilities for out of home care, family support and disability services, steering direction with best practice initiatives at the heart of strategic planning.  Annaley holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Social Work.

With experience in senior management roles, Annaley has spearheaded practice and research initiatives across diverse sectors, including out-of-home care, multicultural services, and family intervention and prevention services. As a member of the Sanctuary Australia Faculty, Annaley offers expertise through training and mentoring for organizations implementing the Sanctuary Model.

Annaley has significantly expanded services for all organisations she has championed, including Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. From delivering child protection and youth justice services to providing culturally appropriate casework, intervention, and referral services, Annaley can employ a range of techniques, including crisis intervention, family support, consultation, counselling, conflict resolution, liaison, advocacy, and negotiation.

Annaley brings a wealth of expertise from both state-level and international engagements. Her contributions extend to journals, book chapters, and conference presentations, delving into crucial themes like trauma, youth support, and kinship care. More than the Chief Operating Officer, Annaley is a true visionary in the field of social services.


Cindy McKenzie, our Executive Direction of Service Delivery Support & Quality Systems,   is a resourceful, skilled, and dedicated individual who thrives on challenging and diverse work that makes a positive impact on the community.

In the realm of organisational governance, Cindy has a keen interest in providing high-quality advice, meticulous planning, comprehensive documentation, and effective communications. These pillars are not just components of the job but reflections of a deep-seated passion for excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Beyond compliance, Cindy is on a mission to create a positive quality improvement culture, fostering an environment where excellence is second nature, based on her years of experience working in the Not-For-Profit Sector.

With a dedication to excellence in service delivery, Cindy is a driving force for progress, making every endeavour an opportunity to showcase the principles of empathy, kindness, and a rounded view.


Amanda Shaw joined Infinity Community Solutions Ltd in May 2023 as our Executive Director – Client Service Delivery, wielding comprehensive leadership over the operational performance of client service delivery across South Australia. A strategic powerhouse, Amanda not only contributes to the development, implementation, and management of strategic plans but excels in translating knowledge and bringing intelligence to complex problems.

Renowned for attention to detail without losing sight of the big picture, Amanda is an innovative and aspirational thinker. With a wealth of experience in collaboration with state governments, Amanda has successfully navigated multiple government submissions, showcasing a knack for effective communication and advocacy.

With a career focused on working with vulnerable families, at risk young people, and children and young people in care, Amanda brings a profound understanding and empathy to her role, making a tangible impact on the lives of those she serves. Having worked across non-government, local and state government organisations in Australia and Canada, and serving on a peak body board, Amanda has a compelling career as an advocate for children and young people, particularly those in out of home care.


As our General Manager – Families Programs QLD, Sarah Crouch is entrusted with the effective and efficient operations of out of home care, family support, and NDIS programs. Experienced in maintaining processes for evaluation and quality, Sarah is a key player for the co-delivery of services in partnership with an Aboriginal community-controlled organisation.

In previous job roles, Sarah has experience in managing therapeutic residential care services and was instrumental in expanding residential care from two homes to 15, earning a reputation for providing quality services. Her leadership extends to managing foster and kinship care, therapeutic intervention services with children, young people and families, and fostering collaborative relationships with other organisations and government departments.

A true collaborator, Sarah contributes to strategic organisational plans, excels in project management, and champions best practice strategies. Ensuring the implementation of evidence-based practice models, Sarah draws from experience in diverse areas, including Homelessness, Disability, Child Protection, Counselling Services, Mental Health, and support for people living with HIV & AIDS.

Highlighting Sarah’s knowledge and experience in establishing a new Indigenous service—navigating recruitment, policy development, finances, and community relationships—she channels this expertise as General Manager. Here, she drives excellence in our family-focused programs and a spectrum of collaborative endeavours her role encapsulates.


Hannah Wallis is the General Manager – Therapeutic Residential Care, whose previous work experience extends across the globe. An industrious and high-calibre professional, Hannah is a strategic and creative thinker, adept at minimising risk within policy frameworks while tirelessly pursuing positive outcomes and effective change for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

With over a decade-long commitment to a non-government organisation, Hannah brings a wealth of experience and passion for working with children, families, and communities. Advocating for systems that prioritise safety and well-being, Hannah is a results-driven, detail-oriented leader with diverse academic background encompassing arts, education, social work, and healthcare leadership.

Hannah has successfully managed multiple programs, projects, and high-performing teams, fostering cohesion to achieve organisational goals.

Beyond professional commitments, Hannah is a dedicated volunteer, serving on boards for various organisations focused on women, families, and children. In every role, Hannah is not just a general manager; she is a catalyst for meaningful change, tirelessly working towards a better future for those she serves.


Mark Schofield is our General Manager in South Australia. Mark is experienced in leadership and management roles across both government and non-government agencies. Motivated to advance the organisation’s objectives, Mark holds a deep appreciation for self-reflection, respect, social justice, and diversity.

With a passion for working with children, young people and families, Mark is dedicated to improving the quality of life for the people he works with. This commitment is evident in his improvement processes, project management, and the development of innovative solutions.

As an outcomes-focused manager, Mark understands the importance of creative problem-solving, implementing innovative solutions with a strong focus on team collaboration and technology integration. With qualifications in Social Work and Leadership and Management, Mark brings a unique blend of skills to his role in residential care services provision, drawing from his experience in multidisciplinary team management, youth services, and case management.


Elena Batsman is our Finance and Corporate Services Manager.  She has a solid foundation in commerce and a CPA accreditation. Demonstrating versatility as a finance manager, Elena excels in day-to-day financial services, analysis, budgeting, and management reporting. With a proven track record, Elena collaborates seamlessly with senior stakeholders, providing strategic guidance for planning, cost reduction, and revenue growth. An analytical enthusiast, Elena thrives in challenging roles, leveraging extensive knowledge and experience for continuous professional and organisational development.

With robust international experience, Elena is adept at training staff across global corporate branches. Recognised as an efficiency champion, Elena implements innovative strategies that elevate the efficiency of financial operations, focusing on supporting decision-making processes and comprehending financial performance.

With her financial expertise and strategic mindset, Elena makes a real difference in the efficient running of our organisation. Elena truly is part of the transformative change evident in other areas of Infinity Community Solutions Ltd.