Our Governance

We are committed to adhering to systems that ensure quality of services,

transparency, and openness so that those in our care can be assured we have

their best interests in mind.

2018-2019 saw rapid development and growth for Infinity Community Solutions (ICS) and thanks to the ongoing support and guidance from our Board members we have been able to maintain the high level of Governance we have always aimed for.  Our strong sense of Governance has driven us to implement programs during the last reporting year that provide children and young people in our care with access to clinical psychological services.

Our dedicated team of professionals has been integral for the high quality of service delivery.  Along with our partnering organisations we have been able to work collaboratively for consistency of care and to get things done right for all the right reasons.  With such a strong workforce we have been able to continue growing our service reach while maintaining our commitment to our approach and guiding principles of working in a way that treats the life outcomes, health and well-being of those in our care as the highest priority.

The importance of being able to achieve our Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) accreditation and Department of Children, Youth Justice & Multicultural Affairs Organisational License while we experience such growth and development should not be overlooked.  Our commitment to improving the quality of human services is evident in our ability to work towards obtaining certification and licensing of the highest of standards.  This means when you work with us you can be guaranteed we have the best interests of you and those in our care.

Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. is committed to upholding the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people that access our services. Every child and young person has the right to feel safe and be safe from physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and cultural harm and neglect.  We ensure everyone associated with Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. understands what it means to be part of a Child Safe Organisation, and that they have the necessary skills to identify and report concerns, and to respond appropriately.

Infinity Community Solutions Ltd. subscribes to the National Principals for Child Safe Organisations and the Charter of Rights for Children in Care.

With 18% of people in our community experiencing some form of disability ICS now offers Support Coordination for those who have a self-managed plan through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).  NDIS providers are expected to undergo rigorous quality assurances and regular audits to maintain registration.  ICS has maintained registration since 2017 and currently are undergoing accreditation through the NDIS Quality Commission.

Reporting our performance transparently is important. To review more about our performance over the 2018-2019 or the 2019-2020 year, click on the images to download a copy of our Annual Reports.